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Silica Gel Column Chromatography

Column Chromatography is today one of the most important and widely used techniques for the separation and analysis of complex organic mixtures. Silica Gel for column chromatography are available in any desired particle size for pilot plant or plant applications.

The different mesh sizes manufactured by us are as follows:
  • 60/120 mesh. (120-250) micron.
  • 100/200 mesh.(75-150) micron.
  • 70/230 mesh. (63-200) micron.
  • 230/400 mesh. (37-63) micron.
  • 70/325 mesh. (45-200) micron.
  • 30/200 mesh.
Application: In separation and purification of organic compounds, steroids, amino acids, dyes, alkaloids, phenolic compounds and pharmaceutical intermediates
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